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ii Process
Identify, Design, and Create.

Process ImageDiscovery
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Our process always begins with a discovery session. At this stage, we work with you to formulate the who and why statements that define the identity of your business. Once the identity statement is established, we create a unique identity profile that serves as a roadmap for how your content is designed.

The information gathered during the identity stage is then passed directly to our research team. Our research team is responsible for creating a detailed synopsis that highlights the key findings from your identity statement. Once the research is gathered, the findings are then passed on to the next stage of the identity development, Design.


Utilizing the information gathered by our research team, our design team creates an identity manual. The identity manual is a comprehensive platform that specifically outlines the language, look, feel, and tone of your identity. Once the identity manual is complete, our writing team defines the voice and style for all your communications. The identity manual is then prepared for the final stage of development, the Creative process.

Process ImageResearch
Process ImageDesign
Process ImageProduction
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Once the identity manual is finalized, our production team takes the directive steps from the research and design team to create a campaign that reflects your true identity. Whether it be digital, print or an interactive experience, our production specialists will ensure your identity is represented in ways you have never envisioned before.

A final product capturing your true identity is nothing without a network to support it. Our marketing team is involved throughout the entire identity process so that when it is time to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, we can communicate your message in the meaningful ways.

How it all works.